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+5 The Best Lightweight Flexible Garden Hose [A Best Buyer Guide]

 Are you on the hunt for the best garden hose?

                                   or finding

What is the best expandable garden hose?

As there are so many out there, it’s often difficult to tell the difference between them. What's more, it can be tempting to just grab the first one on offer and head for the checkout. 

But such a careless action can potentially do your garden a disservice; because, in fact, all garden hoses are not created equally. Where a cheap garden hose might last a year, a high-quality hose may last 5 or even 10 years

So, if you are in the market for only the best garden hose, this review will guide along and will also examine a few key features you’ll want to look for in a good garden hose.


Types Of Garden Hoses

While many folks tend to think a garden hose is a garden hose, there are actually quite a few different types of garden hose ranging from the traditional to the expandable and running the gamut from cheap to pretty darned expensive, best lightweight garden hose to best heavy duty garden hose.



The traditional garden hose has been around for decades and is as familiar a part of the domestic landscape as the porch light or mailbox (although the mailbox is becoming something of an endangered species of late). 

This is an all-purpose hose used for everything from watering the lawn to washing the car. It’s usually fashioned from vinyl, rubber, or polyurethane which makes it the best rubber garden hose and can be anywhere from 25 to 100 feet in length. Most of the garden hoses on our list are a form of traditional garden hose.


Flat hoses

The flat hose looks like a miniature version of the firefighter’s hose. It lays flat on the ground with a deflated appearance until the water is turned on. 

Flat hoses are typically made of vinyl and are best for applications that don’t require a lot of flexibility. It’s not common to find them in homes but it’s not unheard of.


Sprinkler hoses

The sprinkler hose is perforated along its length and sends a mist into the air that settles on the garden or lawn. Some people turn them around so that the perforations are face down and use them as a soaker hose. Typically sprinkler hoses don’t work well in flower beds because the plants prevent the mist from rising.


Soaker hoses

Soaker hoses can be found in gardens nationwide where they are used to seep water into the soil so it can be soaked up by plant roots. Soaker hoses make efficient use of water and many are used on a semi-permanent basis in gardens, although they’re often covered in mulch because they can be negatively affected by direct, prolonged sunlight.


Pocket hoses

The pocket hose (also known as the “expandable garden hose”) expands to about 3 times its empty size when you turn on the tap. Several of the hoses on our list are expandable garden hoses for good reason

They’re good for around the yard like long hoses but they pack away neater than even a short garden hose. The downside of the expandable garden hose is that they tend not to last very long and they can be damaged by regular exposure to sunlight.

Features To Look For In Garden Hoses

As we said at the outset of this best garden hose review guide if you just grab the first garden hose you see you’ll likely be doing yourself, your wallet, and your garden a disservice. Here are the things to keep in mind when looking for the right garden hose.



If you just grab any old garden hose you may be in for a surprise when unspooling it to water the garden. That’s because there is no standard length for a garden hose. They typically come in 25, 50, 75, and 100-feet lengths. 

So if you need 75 feet and grab 25 feet, well, it’s back to the store for more hose. The best thing to do before you spend your hard-earned money on something that’s not going to fulfill your needs is to get out in the yard and measure how far it is from the faucet on the side of the house to the furthest point you’ll need to water. So, best garden hose reel is considered while purchasing good one.

And remember, the longer the hose the heavier the hose. So don’t just pick up a 100-feet hose to cover all the bases if that’s not what you need. 

If all you really need is a 25 feet hose it will be a major headache to move the super long hose around and re-coil it when you’re done. Besides, the longer the hose the less the water pressure. And water pressure is important if you use attachments to distribute water.



The diameter determines two things: how much water is released and how heavy the hose will be when it’s full of water. Most garden hoses are 5/8", although 1/2" and 3/4" inch hoses are also available.

In most cases a 5/8 inch hose will be appropriate for just about any backyard application. 1/2 inch hoses will also work for hand watering the flower beds and such but anything larger than that and you are getting into the realm of large scale commercial applications. 

Keep in mind that a 3/4 inch hose will carry twice the water volume of a 5/8 inch hose. And twice the water volume means twice the weight. If you are unsure which diameter to get, but the area that needs watering is nothing out of the ordinary, a 5/8 inch hose should serve you well.



The garden hose may be fashioned from any one of several different materials.



For years rubber was considered the best, most reliable material from which to make a garden hose. After all, it’s the best flexible garden hose, which reduces the chance of the hose kinking and breaking, it’s durable (tires are made of rubber for a reason) and it is pretty much impervious to weather, within reason. 

It also responds well to high water pressure, where less substantial materials my spring a leak.

So why isn’t every garden hose made of rubber? For one, because it’s heavy. A 50 or 100 feet rubber water hose full of water is going to present a challenge even for a healthy person to drag around the yard

Still, rubber hoses are fairly common for all the above-cited reasons. Plus the fact that many are the best rated garden hose safe to drink from and a rubber hose is also better at handling hot water. So if you ever need to drain the water heater for any reason you can use your rubber garden hose.



The vinyl garden hose is a lightweight alternative to the rubber garden hose. They’re easy to drag around and easy to coil up when you’re done with them. They’re also typically the least expensive best type of garden hose. The vinyl garden hose is good for use in moderate climates where it never gets extremely hot or cold.

That’s because extreme heat can warp a vinyl hose and extreme cold can cause it to become brittle, even if it’s sitting in your garage during the winter unused. When you take it out in the spring to get gardening you may find that during the winter it developed cracks

Even in moderate climates however, the vinyl hose will eventually develop cracks and leaks, particularly around the connectors. So the stainless steel is the best garden hose quick connector.



Polyurethane occupies a kind of grey area between vinyl and rubber. The polyurethane hose is usually free of harmful chemicals so many of them are theoretically safe to drink from, it’s stronger than vinyl, almost as light and it’s very flexible like rubber. The polyurethane hose can also be used to transport hot water and does not develop kinks easily, like a vinyl hose will.

So what is keeping every hose from being a polyurethane garden hose?  

Because they cost more than vinyl and many people don’t see the point of investing the extra cash in something that’s just going to move water from the house to the flowers. Still, if cost is not a major consideration for you then it’s likely you won’t regret purchasing a polyurethane water hose.



Some contemporary garden hoses are fashioned from hybrid polymers that provide reliable flexibility and extreme durability at the same time. Others feature multi-layered construction with latex or some other similar fabric inside and a tougher but still flexible outer layer over the top. 

This type of construction makes for a very light and flexible hose, even when the temperature plummets to well below zero

Still other hoses feature a polyurethane/PVC hybrid blend that again is extremely durable, lightweight, and flexible.



Flexibility is important for a couple of reasons. First, when you finish with the hose you have to coil it up. If the hose is not flexible coiling it will cause it to kink, which will eventually cause cracks to appear. Often sooner rather than later. 

Second, you need to be able to move the hose around backyard obstacles and often into out of the way areas. And to do so it needs to be flexible. 

Most every type of hose will kink up to some extent. It’s a matter of how well they respond to kinking

Rubber hoses for example snap back to their original shape easily and dependably. While vinyl hoses, for all their lightweight affordability, will not suffer kinks very long or very often before developing cracks.


The connectors on a garden hose may be made from any of several different materials.



Yup. Plastic. Some garden hose connectors are fashioned out of high-quality plastic that’s tough and light and relatively durable. But their main attraction is that they’re inexpensive

That said even the most durable plastic coupling isn’t going to be able to compete with brass or best stainless steel garden hose in the toughness arena and is likely to need replacement after a year or two at most.



Stainless steel connectors are likely to outlive your hose. They’re unaffected by weather extremes, won’t chip or crack like plastic connectors can and are virtually impervious to damage from being dropped or dragged across the yard or the driveway.



Brass connectors come in two forms: either cast or stamped

Stamped or formed brass couplings are the more fragile of the two and can be damaged without much effort. Even so they’re still more durable than plastic

Cast brass connectors are the classic garden hose connectors. They’re heavier and tougher than stamped brass and as tough as stainless steel. 

Brass has the added benefit of being naturally antimicrobial. Which is why brass connectors have long been a garden hose favorite.



In recent years aluminum couplings have become increasingly popular. They’re light, inexpensive, corrosion-resistant, and tough. Couplings cast from aircraft-grade aluminum are almost (almost) as tough as those cast from brass or stainless steel. If aluminum has a downside it’s that it is susceptible to microbial development and work as best garden hose nozzle.


1. Flexzilla Garden Hose

Meet the Flexzilla Lightweight Garden Hose. This memory resistant hose ensures long-term performance which your garden will thank you for. Its versatile and weather-resistant construction makes it one of the best reviewed garden hoses on the market.  


Anyone opting for the Flexzilla Garden Hose will receive a product that is designed precisely for work in the garden. Its the best 50 and 100 foot garden hose.

This hose is an all-weather wonder that retains its flexibility even when the mercury dips to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s tough, tear-resistant, and easily maneuverable around all manner of backyard obstacles. 

It’s highly resistant to kinks, won’t degrade in the sun, and features tough aircraft-grade aluminum couplings.

It also features durable rubber o-rings to prevent leakage and an inner core that won’t fold under pressure. Also, it’s memory resistant, meaning it will still lay flat regardless of how many times it’s been coiled up. 

Its versatility, all-weather reliability, and affordability make it our hands-down the Best Choice. And with various lengths on offer, the hose can provide sufficient quantities of water for different purposes in the garden. 

No doubt, this is one of the gardening tools you definitely need in your garden.


Key Features:

  •     Weather-resistant construction
  •     Durable rubber o-rings to prevent leakage
  •     Memory resistant to prevent coiling
  •     Made from aircraft-grade aluminum

2. Teknor Apex Best Kink Free Garden Hose

The tangle-free garden hose promises quick and easy handling. It comes ready to use with various lengths on offer and easily be rolled up and best garden hose storage. When it comes to usability, this weather-proof hose does all it say’s on the packaging and the best garden hose review. 


While the first garden hoses were still difficult to handle because they were often bent, twisted, or too rigid, most modern garden hoses are flexible and the best retractable garden hose, sturdy, and best non kinking garden hose

These revolutionary innovations also include the Teknor Apex Neverkink hose, a flexible garden hose with a length of 30 meters, which makes work wonderfully easy. 

Anyone who has often been annoyed by the rigid garden hose that can be twisted and knotted can now relax as this hose promises a kink-free and tangle-free construction.

This garden helper can be easily rolled up [no need for garden hose reel best] and transported and can quickly be even in a small space or on a shelf. If you make the hose ready for use, you do not need to torment yourself battling tangles and coils as it you can easily bring it into position. 

This hose always stays smooth and never knots, so it is ready to use at any time. If the hose is not needed, it can be rolled up to a compact and small size for easy transportation and stow away.  

It reaches its full size when filled with water, and a special plus is the low weight of about 750 grams further contributes to easy portability.

Key Features:

  •     Various lengths on offer
  •     Industrial strength and lead-free aluminum
  •     Weather-proof and built with a shield to prevent mold and mildew
  •     Stays flexible even at 45 degrees

3. Camco 25ft Water Hose

This NSF certified hose has been carefully designed for maximum twist resistance. It is stable and easy to handle and can be used in the garden for a variety of tasks. It certainly pays to purchase such a powerful hose, which is durable and practical. 


The Camco 25ft Taste PURE Drinking Water Hose will give you a lot of fun without having to bother about holes and damaged areas where the water escapes. Even if you accidentally move over with the wheelbarrow or leave the hose lying in the sun, it does not damage as quickly as conventional hoses. 

Most importantly, it can also be used as a drinking water hose as it is NSF certified which means you can trust this product when drinking water directly from it.

It is also CSA Low Lead Content Certified and offers a PVC and BPA free construction. You can trust this 25 inches long product to continue its efficient job in the long run, And that's not all; being robust yet flexible means it can be used excellently for all work that needs to be done in the garden with water

The ends are compatible with most standard garden hose connections; therefore, it can be connected to a sprinkler and can be quickly used for both cleaning and watering plants.

Key Features:

  •     PVC and BPA free
  •     NSF and CSA Low Lead Content Certified
  •     25 inches long
  •     Can be used for drinking water

4. TheFitLife Flexible and Best Expandable Garden Hose

Get inspired to take care of your garden all year round with TheFitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose. The best quality garden hose promises to never tangle or twist thanks to its high quality and dense polyester material, as well as its first-class workmanship. 


In the case of the TheFitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose, it is striking that it always stays wonderfully straight and never knots or devours

So it is always ready to use without having to untangle him first. What's more, the high-temperature sensitivity of the hose is also a great advantage. It can be used at temperatures of up to 98 degrees Celsius. 

It does not melt from the heat, nor does it become porous in the cold. So the hose can remain in the garden all year round without being damaged. Additionally, the hose owes its excellent properties to the dense and rugged polyester fabric it is made of.

As this is a lightweight and flexible hose, it always returns to its original shape. So working with it is much less cumbersome, as with most other hoses this length. 

The hose ensures an excellent flow and can therefore also be used for all work in the garden. It can be connected to a high-pressure washer as well as connected to the pump for irrigation or for pumping water and works as the best garden hose for pressure washer. At the end of the night, the hose is effortlessly rolled up again.

Key Features:

  •     Lightweight and flexible hose
  •     Twist and tangle-free
  •     Can be used at temperatures of up to 98 degrees Celsius
  •     Dense polyester fabric used in its construction

5. Bionic Steel 304 Stainless Steel Best Metal Garden Hose

Who said a garden hose has to be rubber or poly? 
The Bionic Steel Stainless Steel Garden Hose redefines practicality. 


It’s narrower than most hoses, has a flexible steel casing over a latex core, won’t break down in the sun, won’t crack in the cold, and its the best coil garden hose in a snap after use. It’s also extremely lightweight at just 3 pounds (longer lengths will weigh more obviously) and extremely tough with crush-proof stainless steel couplings. You’ll pay a little bit more for it but you’re likely to get years of dependable use out of it.

Key Features:

  •     Latex lining with durable steel sleeve.
  •     Extremely flexible in all weather.
  •     Won’t crack from the sun or cold.
  •     Weighs a scant 3 pounds.
  •     Coils and uncoils with ease.
  •     Cast stainless steel couplings.
  •     304 stainless steel hose casing.

Written by: Jordan Carter

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