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How do I build a raised bed garden in a backyard?

Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know to Start

Learn all about raised beds—and up your gardening game.

Worried about space? Interested in bigger and better yields? Raised-Bed Gardening for Beginners shows you all the amazing advantages of raised-bed gardens—and how easy creating them can be.

A complete primer for fresh and experienced planters alike, this book contains everything you need to know to start a happy and healthy raised-bed garden. Learn to build your bed, select the right plants, and so much more. Simple guides will have even the greenest gardeners serving up freshly picked vegetables in no time.

Raised-Bed Gardening for Beginners includes:

  • Raised-bed gardening —From constructing a planting box to mixing and maintaining soil, step-by-step instructions make getting started easy.
  • From greenhouse to green thumb—Help your garden thrive with detailed suggestions for crop rotation, partner planting, and seed starting.
  • Perfect picks—Full profiles—plus growing and harvesting tips—for 30 popular and beginner-friendly plants make choosing the right ones for your garden a cinch.

Take your gardening to the next level with Raised-Bed Gardening for Beginners.
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About the Author

TAMMY WYLIE was introduced to the joy of raised-bed gardens almost 30 years ago. She and her husband are lifelong gardeners, as well as the founders of Advance Greenhouses (www.advancegreenhouses.com), a website where they share advice on gardening, building greenhouses, and more. She also created and contributes to the blog Grow Your Own Food.
  • “Raised beds have been a game-changer in our gardening journey, allowing us to keep our space more efficient and organized. Any newbie to the world of gardening or raised beds will find this resource highly valuable!”—Jill Winger, creator,
  • “Whether you are new to gardening, or just new to raised bed gardening, this book is for you. Tammy does an excellent job of guiding you through the process from start to finish. From how to choose a site all the way though how to harvest your crops.”—Robin Nichols, president, NUGL Media Group
  • “This book could be used as a course for beginning gardeners who are wanting to start a garden. It can also be used by seasoned gardeners who want to switch from in-ground gardening to raised beds. As a Master Gardener myself, and a gardener using primarily raised beds, I am impressed with the author’s level of expertise in communicating to gardeners of all capabilities on the ease of planning, starting, and benefits of raised bed gardens. This book is a must for gardeners of all levels. I highly recommend it and will definitely include it in my personal library of gardening resources.”—Willie Slusarski, master gardener
  • “You're about to grow your largest (and easiest!) crop to date. Raised-Bed Gardening for Beginners is complete with detailed plans and plenty of tips and tricks to grow your own fresh, healthy, and delicious food every step of the way.”—Erin Fesperman, blogger/owner at Little Emerald Thumb

Garden Bed Planter Box

raised bed gardening

  • Phenolic HPL Plastic, Anodized Aluminum Frame, Extreme impact resistance delivers security and a longer service-life
  • Waterproof & chemical resistance, Eco-friendly materials
  • FAST ASSEMBLY, NO TOOLS NEEDED. Strong and sturdy; rated to hold up to 300 pounds.
  • With lockable caster wheels.

Planter Box Phenolic Premium HPL Plastic Anodized aluminum frame Stainless Steel Hardware, FAST ASSEMBLY, NO TOOLS NEEDED, 100% ROT RESISTANT.

Wooden Raised Beds

CrownLand Outdoor 3 Tier Raised Garden Bed, 4x4 Ft

  • This plant bed can be placed not only at patios, porches, decks, or garden & etc. It features nice looking and practical function. Your favorite vegetables, fruits, herbs and even flowers are all perfect to grow in here. Under your care, this flower bed will be the brightest view in your backyard. Also, you can taste the healthiest organic fruits of your harvest.
  • This Garden Bed's measurement is Third tier size: 48’’x46’’x18’’(L x W x H) Second tier size:48’’x30.7’’x12.6’’(L x W x H) First-tier size:48’’x15.35’’x6.3’’(L x W x H). Imagine waking up every morning, take a walk to the backyard, and you can start your greatest day with the fresh air and a nicely organized planting box. Everything worth it!
  • One of the most frustrating things about gardening must be the garden box for vegetable you've worked so hard is on collapses. Nothing has to be worried about this one! After a few tests, this solid Cedar, known for its strength stability, ensures durability and stability. Ideal for all years' use, never out of date.
  • The storage space of this plant bed is ample enough to plant vegetables, herbs and flowers or some deep-rooted plant.

  • Hardware and assembly manual are included. It can help you assemble easily, without spending a long period of time. If there is any problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Make your garden shine is our ultimate goal!

Why need CrownLand Garden Bed?

  • Would you like to add some wonderful views to the yard without much effort? Would you like to grow your own organic vegetables, fruits and herbs? Would you like to plant your favorite flowers in your yard? CrownLand helps you realize your wishes. Our products are made of pure wood, natural 100 % non-toxic, you can rest assured to use. The set-up is very convenient. No screws at all, the simple form of interlock makes it so easy to assemble. You may also partition different locations to grow different things all in one. Start with this planter box for a healthy and happy lifestyle. From now on, your garden will be more colorful with this raised garden box.

Material: Natural Solid Fir Wood
Color: natural
Third-tier size:48’’x46’’x18’’(L x W x H)
Second-tier size:48’’x30.7’’x12.6’’(L x W x H)
First-tier size:48’’x15.35’’x6.3’’(L x W x H)

Outdoor and Indoor Usage

Because of its usability and aesthetics, it can be placed not only outdoors, balcony, garden, patios, porches, decks,etc., but also can pot indoors for a variety of purposes. It serves as a decorative work but also fully plays its practical role.

Stable and Durable Garden Bed

With the interlock design, the garden bed is sturdy and stable with 100% natural wood. The solid construction ensure your planting stay strong. Long-lasting planter box is a cost-effective choice for you & your family.


Please feel free to use this planter box. The materials used are all-natural wood, which can help your plants grow and protect your health. We guarantee that the product is environmentally friendly and harmless.

Raised Garden Bed Set for Vegetable and Flower Gardening

  • Perfect for vegetable or flower gardening, this convenient kit is the perfect gift for moms and dads trying to enhance the look of their yard or other outdoor space
  • Easily assembles into one large garden box or two smaller raised beds. 8 Stakes ensure this garden kit is securely planted into the ground.
  • Set includes: 8 Side panels, 21-1/4"W x 3/4"D x 5-1/2"H, each, 8 Stakes, 5/8" dia. x 9-3/4"L, each
  • 45-3/8" sq. x 5-5/8"H, overall as a big square
  • Polypropylene
  • Take gardening to the next level with the Raised Garden Bed Set. It's perfect for those who want to build a garden in a separate area of their yard. Can be built as 1 large shape or split into 2 smaller shapes. There are 8 stakes that slide between the panels and secure the entire frame to the ground. Multiple sets can be put together to create a different configuration or stacked vertically to make it higher.

Greenland Gardener Raised Bed Garden Kit

  • Raised garden bed kit
  • Makes gardening easy
  • Made from recycled materials

Plant your own raised bed garden with the Greenland Gardener Raised Bed Garden Kit. Each 50-pound kit is made of composite material that saves 30 pounds of plastic and wood flour from the landfill. Unlike wood versions, this Raised Bed Garden won't rot or disintegrate. If you live in an area with poor soil, raised bed gardening lets you grow healthy vegetables and pretty flowers without worry.

Grassroots Fabric Pots Raised Beds (3' x 6')

  • HIGH QUALITY - These fabric pots and raised garden beds are made to last in the USA!
  • BEYOND ORGANIC - Moisture-lock is optimized for living soil, biodynamic, & organic techniques!
  • SUPERIOR - Never use grow bags, outdoor planter(s), smart pot(s), grow box(es), or garden box(es)!
  • PRACTICAL - Create a dreamy raised bed garden with these fabric pot(s)-type beds!
  • VERSATILE - Use as a bed box, tomato planter, for your indoor vegetable garden, or raised planter!
  • Grassroots fabric raised beds are the highest quality and most reliable option for raised bed gardening on the market. You won't find a better substitute! After using these easeful and versatile raised beds, you'll be ditching your planter boxes, raised planter box(es), elevated garden bed(s), and raised beds for gardening. These will replace your current containers and will do a superior job keeping plants happy. Equipped with moisture-lock liner, these raised beds are ideal for myriad horticultural techniques. The liner forces moisture into the bed--say goodbye to hydrophobic soils and media! Trellis and/or double-trellis as well as blumat/blusoak irrigation systems are optional, and are an absolute breeze to integrate. These are truly raised garden bed kit(s) -- you'll just need to source your own 1" PVC piping. These raised garden planter(s) will quickly became your favorite planters and will replace your fabric grow pots. If you're using sohum living soil or some other sohum soil (or really any other soil blend for that matter), these fabric beds will surely do the job.

  • Galvanized Metal Garden Bed: Anti-rusty coating, raised garden bed can use in outdoor patio planting for a long time, durable.
  • Open-Bottom Metal Planter Boxes: Better protect plant roots, provide good drainage, keep the soil and nutrients, keep away from weeds, pests and diseases.
  • Size: 47.2"*35.4"*11.8" (LxWxH), raised bed holds about 11 cubic feet soil, provide ample space for fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants to grow.
  • Easy Assembly: Patio Bed Kit is very easy to put together, only connect the four corner with the brackets, bolts, and nuts in a few minutes.
  • Environment-Friendly: Eco-friendly coating do not contaminate soil, provide a healthy environment for plants and humans.

zizin Galvanized Raised Garden Bed (4 x 3 x 1 ft) 
✔Metal Planter Boxes is made of galvanized steel, durable, solid. Not Rotting Like Wood.
✔Outdoor Large Patio Bed Kit has anti-rusty treatment with outdoor quality anti-rust powder coating.
✔Bottomless design, plants didn't touch the metal, provide good drainage. let the plants breathe and grow free.
✔The top and bottom of the four corners are connected with different connectors, which is more firm.
✔Vegetable planter boxes provide a large space to grow your favorite plants, vegetables, flowers, fruits, herbs, succulents and so on.
✔Metal planter box bed kit edges are not sharp and will not hurt your fingers.

Size: 47.2"Lx35.4"Wx11.8"H (4 x 3 x 1 ft), holds about 11 cubic feet soil
Color: Galvanized
Shape: Rectangular

Package: 1 x Garden bed kit
Testing: FDA/CA Prop 65

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How do I build a raised bed garden in a backyard?

  1. First you define an area. 
  2. Choose a spot with as much sun as possible, preferably all day sun. 
  3. Then surround it with something: stones, logs, dimension lumber, (kiln-dried or pressure treated) or even metal roofing. 
  4. Make it so there is at least 12″ of depth up to 18″. (Those carrots like deep soil.) 
  5. You could even excavate down somewhat to increase your depth. 
  6. Just remember the lower the surface of the soil, the further over you will have to bend to weed and harvest. 
  7. Then fill it with mostly soil and composted one-year-old cow manure, horse manure, even sheep chicken or goat manure or a mixture of several of those. 
  8. Farmers with multiple animals will pile all of their animal manure into one area thus you will probably get a mixture. 
  9. Manure directly from the farm is pure gold for your veggies and flowers.
  10. Loosen the soil, mix in the manure, plant your seeds, and watch the magic happen.

And the very best of luck in your gardening endeavors.

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